Wineally Restaurants - Chef Certification

This is a 20 minute education for the Chefs of your Wineally Restaurant Licence. 

In total there are 2 tutorial videos that will take you 15 minutes to go through. After finishing watching the videos, you will find the certification quiz at the bottom of this page. 

Note: Don’t forget to click the “Submit”-button when done.

Certification quiz

chef certification
Do you need to deleate a dish from Wineally if you run out of ingredients?
Can I set a spicy dish to "Heat" "100" using ths sliders for flavours?
If I change the recipie for a dish do I need to create a new dish?
That is correct!
Full name
Full name

Wineally AB 
Redaregatan 48, 252 36 Helsingborg, Sweden