Wineally Restaurants - Account Manager Certification

This is a 1 hour education for the account manager of your Wineally Restaurant Licence. 

In total there are 10 tutorial videos that will take you less than 1 hour to go through. After finishing watching the videos, you will find the certification quiz at the bottom of this page. 

Note: Don’t forget to click the “Submit”-button when done.

Tutorial videos

Certification quiz

account manager certification
Can my waiters change prices for dishes or wine?
Do my employees need a company e-mail to be able to use Wineally?
Can I use Wineally for purchasing wine from my suppliers?
Do I need to offer all wines in my cellar on glass?
Does Wineally have all my wines in the database?
That is correct!
Full name
Full name

Wineally AB 
Redaregatan 48, 252 36 Helsingborg, Sweden