Wineally for Wine Producers

  • We will present your wines with perfectly matching dishes. In restaurants, hotels, wins shops and at home. Wineally will simply make your wines shine everywhere Wineally is used. 
  • We also help your distributors, hotels and restaurants increase revenues, improve business control, and cut costs.  

Our vision

At Wineally we are driven by the vision of creating a global family that shares a common digital platform to create great wine & dine experiences and sustainable businesses for all parts of the wine trade.  

Wineally also offer wine merchants, hotels, and restaurants ways to build financially sustainable businesses by increasing revenues, improving business information, and cutting costs. And it all starts with the making of great wines. 

By enabling wine producers to get insights into how and when your wines are enjoyed and consumed, we believe that we will unlock more creativity and improve the results for all parties in the value chain.  

By spending less time creating and sharing the correct information about your wines, more time can be spent on creating wines or building relations. Create the information once in Wineally, share it with your distributors using Wineally and you are done! That information will then follow your wine all the way to the consumers.  

We will increase your revenues

With Wineally, consumers will spend more on wine 
According to a market survey* from July 2021, 72 % of consumers are likely to spend a little more on a bottle of wine (to be consumed in a restaurant or at home) if they know it will be a perfect match to their meal. In short, your revenues will increase wherever Wineally is used. 

Wines are most likely be blamed, not the dish
All wines can seem less enjoyable when served to the wrong dishes. Since most consumers are unable to pair wine with matching dishes the wine, i.e. not the dish, in most cases will be blamed as the reason for a not-so-perfect wine & dine experience. 

You make great wine, we make them more appreciated, for free
Wineally matches specific dishes and the consumer’s personal wine preferences at each occasion with your wines at the restaurants, hotels and/or wine shops where your wines are sold. 

Wineally benefits all
Increase your revenues and help your distributors & their on-trade customers to do the same, by signing up for a free Wineally Wine Producer. 

*  See detailed survey results below 

Restaurants (example only)

We inform the market about your wines. And you about the market.​ ​

When you register/verify your wine information in your account, Wineally will instantly:

  • Make the wine information available for distributors, hotels, restaurants and consumers (supermarkets 2022).
  • Ensure that your producer and wine names are correctly spelled everywhere a wine merchant, hotel, restaurant or supermarket with a Wineally subscription is offering your wines. 

As soon as your distributors and their on-trade customers sign up for a Wineally subscription we will:​

  • Collect data globally about wine shops, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets offering your wines. 
  • Provide information about where your wines are sold: 
    – for you and Horeca/retail customers.
  • Provide information about the local market prices for your wines:​
    – for you and Horeca/retail customers. 

Wine shops (example only)

We will help make your stories known ​

In your free Wineally account you can tell the stories about your winery and your wines. Whenever we have presented your wines in the most favourable way, and the consumer want to know more, Wineally will direct them to videos/content on your social media accounts or your website.

Our phases for 2021

Phase I March 2021 - Wine Producers globally

Wineally for Wine Producers was launched in March 2021. By the end of October 2021, we had 14 ,200 wine producers and 594 ,000 wines in our database.  

Phase II October 2021 - Business system for wine merchants, restaurants and the Wineally consumer app in Sweden and Denmark

In the second phase we introduce Wineally to wine merchants, restaurants and consumers in Sweden and Denmark.  

Phase III Q1 2022 - Global launch for wine merchants, restaurants, and consumers

In the third phase we launch Wineally around the world. We will do it together with global friends and partners 

Phase IV Q2 2022 Premium consumer app and Wineally for Supermarkets

In the fourth phase we offer new products and services.  

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