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Welcome to Wineally! 

Wineally is a Business System for wine producers, wine merchants, restaurants and an app for wine consumers. Our vision is to deliver great wine & dine experiences, every time. At the same time, Wineally benefits all parts of the wine industry. 

As a wine producer you can be sure that correct information about your wines is provided in all places where your wine is displayed, all over the world. You make great wines and Wineally can make them even more appreciated. The wine information you provide will be used by your distributors as well as restaurants, hotels, and wine consumers using Wineally all over the world. 

Your information will also be used to pair your wines with dishes available in restaurants, hotels and cafés using Wineally, thereby always presenting your wines in the most favourable way wherever the wine is consumed. 

Account information

1.0 – Overview
1.1  – Company information
1.2 – My account
1.3 – User management

1.0 Overview

To get to the ‘Account information’-section, click on the hamburger menu icon in the top right of your web browser and then select ‘Account information’. You will not need to make changes here often, but this section contains some important and required information, that you fill-out when logging in for the first time or when you need to update any of the information on this section.  

1.1 Company information

The ‘Company information’-tab contains a series of fields used to detail the fundamental information concerning your company. It is important that all of this information is filled-out correctly and then kept up to date for you to get the most out of Wineally. Simply go from the top to the bottom and ensure that each field is filled out with the accurate information. 

To start with, you have all of the basic company information such as country, region, city, address, website and the e-mail address that was used when your account first was created. These fields are not changeable (if you have made any errors in theses fields when you signed up, contact You can also upload a producer brand logo that will be displayed when downloading wine fact sheets (Wineally supports all common formats such as jpeg, png, etc.). 

The field ’Number of wines’ is asking for the number of wines you produced last vintage. The final two fields, ’Estate facts and history’ and ’Producer philosophy & Winemaking’ are used to provide additional details about the history and philosophy that fuels your business. Please note that you have a maximum of 400 characters to fill in each field. The information added to these fields will be displayed in the wine fact sheets.

1.2 My account

On the ‘My account’-tab you can update your name and/or password by simply updating the associated fields and then clicking ‘Save’ or ‘Change password’ respectively. It is also possible to use Wineally in other languages by selecting a preferred language under the ‘Account language’ drop-down. This will only change the language of your log in and won’t affect other users preferred language settings. 

1.3 User management

On the ‘Users’-tab, you can see the summary of all users associated with your company’s Wineally account. You can update a user’s position by clicking on the ‘Edit’-button at the bottom right of that user’s window. Within the edit options, there is also a ‘Delete user’-button that can be used when a user is no longer within the organisation. Please note: Deleting a user will permanently remove the user and they will no longer be able to access your company’s Wineally account. Changes within the system, for example wines registered by this user will not be affected if you delete that user. 

Note that the Position role determines a user’s access level within your Wineally account. If you wish to review the specifics of these access levels, you can click on ‘Privileges per position’ in the top right of the ‘Users’-tab. Please note: Users with the ‘Read-only’-position will have access to view all information in your account, but won’t be able to make any changes. 

To add a new user, click on the ‘Invite user’-button and complete the following steps:  

  1. Enter the e-mail and assign the user a position from the ‘Position’ drop-down
  2. Click on the ‘Invite’-button 
  3. The user will now receive an e-mail with a link to your Wineally account where the user registers their name and creates a personal password
  4. Once the user has completed the registration, they will be added to the ‘Users’-tab and the “Invite pending” headline will disappear
Invited users that have not yet confirmed the invitation, will be seen as ‘Invite pending…’ so you can remind them to register their account. If the user haven’t registered their account within 14 days, you will need to delete the user and repeat the steps above to send them a new link.  

Register wine

2.0 – Overview
2.1  – Known wine in Wineally
2.2 – Unknown wine in Wineally
2.3 – What happens now?

2.0 Overview

This is the section in which you will need to spend some time in the beginning. To get to this section, open the main menu and select ‘Register wines’.

It is possible that you already have some or even all of your wines registered with Wineally. This is because wine merchants, restaurants, and hotels who have your wines in their inventory may already have registered them in their account. You can easily see if this is the case by clicking in the ’Wine’-field. 
A drop-down will appear, and all of your wines that has been registered, will be listed. The same will also apply for vintages and bottle sizes. If you have many wines, you can start searching for them in the wine field. If no wines are shown, none of your wines have been registered in Wineally yet. 

How you register a wine to your own account will depend upon whether that wine is known or unknown within Wineally at the time you are registering. 

2.1 Known wine in Wineally

If you find your specific wine, the right vintage and bottle size in the list, you will need to make sure the information is correct. When you have chosen the wine, vintage and bottle size, you will see all of the information that has been registered on this wine. 

If your wine is not already registered in Wineally, you will need to add the wine and all the required information for it. To get started, click on the red ‘+’ button on the ‘Wine’-field and enter the name of the wine that you wish to register. Then press ‘Save’ before moving on. 

2.2 Unknown wine in Wineally

If your wine is not already registered in Wineally, you will need to add the wine and all the required information for it.
To get started, click on the red ‘+’ button on the ‘Wine’-field.

Enter the name of the wine that you wish to register in the pop-up window that appears and then press ‘Save’.

Important: The way you choose to spell your wine is the way it will be shown to Wineally users all over the world. So do make sure you spell it exactly as its supposed to be spelled. For example: Don’t spell it “Chateau” if the real name of your wine is spelled “Château”. 

Make sure you have entered the wine’s name correctly and then press ’Save’. Now the wine has been entered into the system, but you need to fill in all the information in order to fully register it. As soon as you have saved you will see the fields as shown in the image below: 

Start from the top with vintage. As you can see you can add wines individually, vintage by vintage, but you can also add multiple vintages at the same time by checking the ‘Additional vintages’ box.  

All fields marked with a * are required and greyed fields do not apply to you so they can be disregarded. It is strongly recommended that you fill in as much information as you can to make sure your wines are presented in the best possible way to all Wineally users. 

When finished just press the ‘Add wine’-button to finalise the process. 

2.3 What happens now?

When all of your wines are registered with Wineally, wine merchants, hotels, restaurants and end-consumers will be able to find your wines with the correct information and label all over the world. You will not have to change anything more in this section if you do not want to add new vintages, wine labels or add a brand-new wine.  

Our wines

3.0 – Overview
3.1  – Wine information

3.0 Overview

Wineally allows you to view detailed information about all the wines available in your portfolio such as the name, place of origin, colour, vintage, bottle size and information status, all in the one place that also gives you easy access to more detailed wine information. This is called ‘Our wines’ and it can be found by clicking on that option within the Wineally main menu. As shown below, you can view in ‘Table view’ or ‘Card view’. Both views work on all devices but ‘Card view’ is designed to work better on a mobile or tablet.

All the wines you or your Wine Merchants/Restaurants have registered in Wineally will be displayed in this section which may be divided into multiple pages depending on the range of your wine catalogue. This can be easily controlled using the ‘Results per page’ feature at the bottom left of the page by clicking on the number of results you wish to be displayed per page: 10, 50, 100 or 200.

Along the top of the table, you will see a heading for each column, and these allow you to sort the wines in your wine cellar by any of those categories in either ascending or descending order by clicking on your preferred category once for ascending order or twice for descending order. The ‘Wine DNA’ and ‘Complete data’ columns, furthest to the right are important to check. If the wine does not have complete data, you should check over the information and, if needed, update with correct information. One of the most common reasons for a wine appearing to you as not verified is that it is missing a wine label image. When done, remember to save and the wine will be shown as having complete data. If the Wine does not yet have a Wine DNA then it has probably been added recently and the Wineally Wine Data Team will be giving it a Wine DNA soon. In the ‘Wine’ column you will see the names of your registered wines. Each name can be clicked on to open the associated wine card that shows all the detailed information about that wine.

3.1 Wine information

When you click on a wine a ‘wine card’ will be displayed. Here you have an overview of the wine information that you or your partners have entered. You can also download a PDF with the wine nicely presented together with the brad logo, the ’Estate facts and history’-text and ’Producer philosophy & Winemaking’-text . It is in the perfect format for sharing with new or potential customers. 

If something is not correct or if you have additional information, you can easily edit the wine information by clicking the ‘Edit wine information’-tab. 

All fields marked with a * are required and greyed out fields do not apply to you so can be disregarded. It is strongly recommended that you fill in as much information as possible to make sure your wines are presented in the best possible way to all the Wineally users. When finished with any changes do not forget to save by clicking the ’save’ button in the bottom right of the screen. 

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