Wineally for Wine Merchants

Improve services for your online wine customers and increase revenues. 
Maximise on-trade revenues with reduced costs 

The Wine & Food Matcher

Three simple steps to increase revenues and improve customer service

1. Marketing

Present the Wine & Food Matcher on your website, in e-mails, social media, and on events (we will show you how).

Customer showcase

2. Improve customer service

Existing/new customers will find a new useful, fun, and easy way to purchase wines to be enjoyed at home with matching dishes.   

3. E-mail marketing

Improve your e-mail offerings by adding recipes to three great matching dishes to your wine offers.   

On each “wine card” three best matching dishes can be found in your/the wine merchant’s Wine & Food Matcher on each wine and be added (with links to recipes) to the e-mail wine offer:

“Recipes for three great matching dishes to this wine”
“Three great matching dishes to this wine”

96% Steak with gorgonzola sauce
95% Burger with Truffles
94% Lasagne alla Bolognese

Increase your on-trade revenues, reduce credit risks, and cut costs

  1. The Wine & Food Matcher for Restaurants (€100 monthly) will help many of your on-trade customers increase revenues by offering great wine services. Without experienced serving staff. 
  2. Let us know which of your customers that are most likely to benefit from having guests using the Wine & Food Matcher and we will show them how to instantly increase sales and cut costs.

  3. All restaurants with a Wineally restaurant licence will be shown in your Wineally account if they have registered you as a supplier. If approved by the restaurant, you will get digital access to each restaurant’s inventory of your wines.  

Better tasting wines sell more

With the Wine & Food Matcher your wines can be enjoyed with a matching dish, at at home or in restaurants. 
In short, they will taste better. Which most likely is the best way to market your wines. 

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