To minimise your administration, please follow the instructions below

1. Ask your wine producers to register their wines in a Wineally Wine Producer account. See the e-mail template below.

2. Once your wine producers have registered their wines, the wine data will be pre-filled when you register the wines in your account.

3. The wine data will also be pre-filled when your HoReCa-customers register the wines in their account.

4. The most relevant wine information will be shown in the Wineally app for consumers. Including a link to you online web store.

E-mail template

Use (copy/paste) the e-mail template below, or any text you prefer, and send an e-mail to your wine producers.

Dear XX,

We are thrilled to inform you that we have now joined the Wineally Family. This means we will ensure your wines are presented with the best matching dishes in all restaurants, hotels, or cafés with a Wineally Restaurant licence.

Having your wines presented in the most favourable way, will not only increase our on-trade sales of your wines, it will also increase our off-trade sales, since consumers will be directed via the Wineally app straight to our online web store, if they want to buy the wine for private use.

In short, your wines will taste even better and increase our on- and off-trade sales.

To help us increase revenues of your wines as fast as possible we kindly ask you to:

  1. If you already have a Wineally Wine Producer account, please verify wine data on wines recently added by wine merchants, hotels, restaurants, or cafés.
  2. If you don’t have a Wineally Wine Producer account, please check out the many benefits for you and register for a free Wineally Wine Producer licence at and register your wines.

Your wine data will immediately be available for us and our customers in the Wineally standard format which is a big help for us, as well as for all your distributors and their customers globally.

Please contact if you need any guidance or support in the process.

We would appreciate if you let us know when you have registered your wines so we can start increasing the sales of your wines!

Thanks in advance,

Wineally AB 
Redaregatan 48, 252 36 Helsingborg, Sweden