How to market your Wine & Food Matcher on your online wine shop

Please note: These “website blocks” are only examples and not actual website sections published by an online wine shop. They are only meant for inspiration for how you could connect your Wineally account to your website. Find out more on how you can market, implement and direct customers to your Wine & Food Matcher via your website below!


How to implement the Wine & Food Matcher on your Website

1. Go to the Account information page in your Wineally account and navigate to the “Wine & Food Matcher link”-tab.

2. Copy your current Wine & Food Matcher link.
3. Download one of the three images from the list below.

Left click to expand the images below and right click to download

4. Add the button to a section on your website. 
5. Embed the Wine & Food Matcher link to the image and you are done! 

You can also download one of the 4 images below and embed the Wine & Food Matcher link to the image

Need help with implementing the Wine & Food Matcher on your website?
Contact our Marketing Team below and we will assist you!

Have an idea for a how it could look on your website but need help?

If you need help with adding a Wineally block on your website or wish us to send a mockup or logo, contact our Marketing team below or see our product gallery for more! 

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