E-mail templates for Wine Merchants

E-mail template 1. – Recommend Wineally to your HoReCa customers 

Subject: Improving the wine experience to increase sustainable sales  

Dear [wine producer], 

The Wineally App Start

We are delighted to announce that 
we recently started a partnership with Wineally. 
Wineally has developed a ground-breaking
, easy-to-use app that helps wine consumers comfortably find matching wines to their dishes and wine preferences when visiting restaurants, ordering takeaway, and visiting online wine shops.  

Download the Wineally app in App Store or Google Play (link below) and see how it works.  

Partnering up with Wineally is not only great for us and our on- and off-trade customers, it also means our agency wines will always be presented in the most favourable way. To the wine consumers most likely to buy.  

Do you want your wines offered to the most relevant wine consumers and with the best matching dishes, in restaurants and at home in other markets? Then read more and sign up for a free Wineally Wine Producer licence at Wineally.com. 

Increase sales globally 

To increase sales, please forward this e-mail to your distributors around the world and ask them to visit https://wineally.com/wine-merchants/, make a business calculation or book a personal introduction of how a Wineally licence will benefit them, and their on- & off-trade customers. The growing number of consumers using the Wineally app will benefit all parts of the wine trade so let’s all spread the message.  

If you have any questions, please contact Wineally directly at hello@wineally.com  

Have a great day! 

[Wine merchant signature] 

E-mail template 2. – Invite youre HoReCa customers to a Wineally webinar

Subject: Invitation to webinar: How to increase sales, improve customer experiences and cut costs within a day

Dear [Merchant HoReCa customer]
The Wineally app

Wineally has developed a ground-breaking, easy-to-use app that helps wine consumers comfortably find matching wines to their dishes and wine preferences when visiting restaurants, ordering takeaway, and visiting online wine shops. 
Guests using the Wineally app means you, without help from experienced waiters, can offer improved wine & dine experiences as well as increasing your revenues.  

We recommend you download the Wineally app, links below. 

You are invited attend our webinar the [date, time] where you will learn how a Wineally can: 

  • Improve guest experiences, without experienced staff 
  • Increase revenues 
  • Cut costs 
  • Create new revenue streams by marketing our wines.   

If you can’t attend the webinar, please book a 30-minute Wineally presentation here that best suits your schedule.  

If you prefer you can find more information and get your license directly at wineally.com/restaurants. 

We wish you a continued great day!

[Wine merchant signature]  

E-mail template 3. – Message to include in a wine offer e-mail

Subject: Become a food & wine matching expert within minutes

Dear [Customer],
The Wineally app

As always, we want you to have the best possible wine experience, not only when purchasing wines from us, but also when you are enjoying the wine with food.                                             
We therefore recommend that you download Wineally, the world’s first app helping wine consumers comfortably find the best matching wines based on their choice of dishes and wine preferences (price, grape, etcetera).  

Start with Online Wine Shops, choose [wine merchant name] and you’ll find lots of dishes (with recipes).
Pick a dish, add your wine preferences (price, grape, etcetera) and check the “Match”-box to see the best matching wines.

Choose the wine you want by clicking on the bottle icon and it will be added to the Wine Matcher. Then just click on the shop icon and you will be directed to our online wine shop where you can order the wine.  

When the wine has been delivered, prepare the dish, and serve with the perfectly matched wine and you will have the great wine & dine experience you deserve! 

We wish you a continued great day!

[Wine merchant signature]  
PS. Whenever you get a wine offer from us, find the wines in the Wineally app and you’ll find matching dishes with recipes. DS.  

E-mail template 4.

Subject: Enjoy a perfectly matched dish to our wine/s 

Dear [Customer],
The Wineally app

To prepare and serve a great matching dish to one our wines, simply find the wine in our online wine shop in the Wineally app, see matching dishes and recipes.             

We wish you a continued great day!

[Wine merchant signature]