The Wine & Food Matcher in Your Restaurant

If guests haven’t already seen the Wine & Food Matcher on your website, and decide what to eat and drink, they can find it via a QR code in your restaurant.

How to find your Wine & Food Matcher QR code

Under the Account information page in your Wineally Restaurant account, you will find the tab “Wine & Food Matcher link”. Under this tab you will have the option of downloading your uniquely automated QR code, the link for your restaurant’s Wine & Food Matcher, and the option to rename the actual link.

If you have any questions regarding your link or QR code, please contact  

Table Talkers

See examples below. If you would like any of these table talkers in different colour, size or have an idea that would look better for your business, please contact our Marketing team below and we will create it for you!

Other examples


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