Wine & Food Matcher for Wine Producers

Increase D-T-C/On-trade sales and support distributors by offering the best matching dishes/recipes to your wines.


Three simple steps to increase D-T-C revenues and improve retail customer service

1. Marketing

Present the Wine & Food Matcher on your website, in e-mails, social media, and on events. 

2. Improve customer service

Existing/new customers will find a new useful, fun, and easy way to purchase wines to be enjoyed at home with matching dishes.   

3. E-mail marketing

Improve your e-mail offerings by adding recipes to three great matching dishes to your wine offers.   

On each “wine card” three best matching dishes can be found in your/the wine merchant’s Wine & Food Matcher on each wine and be added (with links to recipes) to the e-mail wine offer:

“Recipes for three great matching dishes to this wine”
“Three great matching dishes to this wine”

96% Steak with gorgonzola sauce
95% Burger with Truffles
94% Lasagne alla Bolognese

Make your wines shine everywhere

  1. The Wineally Business System for Restaurants (€100 – 200 monthly) will help most restaurants increase revenues by offering great wine services. Without experienced serving staff. Read more about the benefits for restaurants/recommend your restaurant customers to check it out, sign up or book a presentation here.


  2. The Wineally Business System/Wine & Food Matcher for Wine Merchants (€200 – 1 000 monthly) will help most wine merchants increase revenues by offering great wines services. Ask your distributors to read about the benefits, book a presentation or sign up here.  

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