E-mail templates for Restaurants

E-mail template 1.

Subject: Be a wine & food matching expert next time you visit us

Dear [Customer Name], 

The Wineally app

With Wineally you can be a food & wine matching expert and have great wine & dine experiences in our restaurant. Or at home if you order wine and food for takeaway from us.                                       

Wineally is a ground-breaking easy-to-use app that helps wine consumers comfortably find the best matching wines to their food and wine preferences.  

  1. Download the Wineally App, choose “Restaurants” if you are visiting us or “Takeaway” if you want to have a dinner with matching wines (at takeaway prices) at home.

  2. Find us, choose dishes, add your wine preferences (price, grape, etcetera) and check the “Match”-box to see the best matching wines.

Once you have chosen a wine, your wine and food are shown in the Wine Matcher section. Place the order in the restaurant. If you have started with takeaway, choose pickup or home delivery and order directly from your chosen delivery platform.  

[Restaurant signature] 

Wineally AB 
Redaregatan 48, 252 36 Helsingborg, Sweden