Wineally for Wine Merchants

You do

1. Sign up.

2. Register your wines and dishes.

We do

1. Give your digital access to your restaurant customers sales and wine cellars.

2. Make your producers wine data easy to download, and then upload your database.

3. Present your wines to consumers, together with perfectly matched dishes, in your wine shop, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.

4. Direct purchase-ready Wineally app-users to your wine shop.

5. Help your restaurant customers increase sales.

6. Decrease credit risks/losses by helping restaurants become financially sustainable.

7. Build consumer data to help the wine industry.

8. Cut costs by digitizing sales and administration.

Wineally for Wine Merchants

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€1.000,00 /month
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Hey Wine Merchant!

You sell great wine. We unite the industry.

Coming soon! Our vision is to unite all wine professionals and together create the best possible tool for wine distribution and consumption. Now we invite you to join us.

Wineally is a digital service that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy great food together with perfectly matched wine, regardless of wine experience. 

- We give consumers the confidence to pick the right wine.

- We help restaurants sell more and improve business control.

- We help sommeliers communicate their recommendations with waiters and guests. 

- We give wine producers an easy way to distribute wine data.

We give your wines the best chance to shine, by presenting them with perfectly matched dishes. Help us unite the wine industry!