Wineally for wine lovers

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We do

1. Give you web app with a menu and a wine list in all restaurants, wine shops and supermarkets using Wineally.

2. Make it easy to match wine to dishes or dishes to wines in restaurants or for takeaway.

3. Present inspirational dishes in wine shops and supermarkets with matching wines.

4. Charge you nothing for our service.

Wineally for wine lovers

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Hey Wine lover! 

You want great wine & dine experiences. We unite the world of food & wine. 

Coming soon! Our vision is to unite all wine professionals and together create the best possible tool for wine and food lovers. Now we invite you to join us.

Wineally is a web app that makes it easy for consumers to find the best available wine, based on personal wine preferences and choice of dish in the Wineally universe. Restaurants, wine shops and supermarkets that want to simplify matching food & wine use, and recommend, Wineally.

- We help restaurants sell more and improve business control.

- We help sommeliers communicate their recommendations with waiters and guests.

- We help wine merchants digitize administration and improve business control.

- We give wine producers an easy way to distribute wine data.

We make it easy for you to get great wine & dine experiences where and whenever you feel like purchasing a bottle of wine. Help us unite the wine industry!