Wineally for Wine Merchants
Wineally for Wine Merchants
Get instant digital access to your wine merchant or customer wine cellar.

Wineally for Wine Merchants

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Coming soon! Increase your revenues, improve your business control, and decrease the operational costs.

The main benefits with a Wineally Merchant subscription. 


  • The consumer app Wineally Private makes it simple and comfortable for wine consumers to choose the best wine available based on their choice of dish and personal wine preferences. Wineally can be used in your wine shop/online shop, in or out of restaurants or, if applicable, supermarkets selling your wines.
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  • Wines always presented in the most favorable way in restaurants will improve wine experiences, lead to better consumer reviews, and increase both On- & Off-trade revenues.
  • Wines presented with recommendations for pairing dishes in your web shop and wine shops will simplify purchases.


  • With the restaurant approval Wineally Merchant will give you digital access to information from Wineally Restaurant subscribers about wines sold/offered by you:
    • Sales of wines bought or in-consignment.
    • Wine cellars status.

You will now be able to give the right Horeca customer support at the right time. And avoid wasting money by contacting unprofitable customers or frequently visiting restaurants to count sold in-consignment wines.                                

  • Wineally is developed to handle the covid-19 market conditions and give restaurants opportunities to increase takeaway sales of wine and decrease operative costs by digitization.
  • Introducing Wineally Restaurant to your Horeca customers will help them increase profitability. And decrease your credit risks. 
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  • You will get a daily updated market value of your registered wines.           
  • Wineally can also make restaurants a new/better retail sales channel. Wine information is provided in the Wineally app and include where to locally buy the wine consumed in a restaurant.
  • Online wine purchases are tagged with the restaurant as the source of the customer which means you can initiate sales activities together with your Horeca customers.
  • Consumers and waiters can match wine, food, and wine preferences in any restaurant using Wineally. Limited wine knowledge is no longer a reason for having limited wine list. You can help restaurants expand their wine lists and thereby attract new customers groups. 
  • Cost-efficient wine data handling. Wineally will collect all wine information on your wine and make it accessible in a template format. You no longer need to manually handle PDF’s coming yearly from your producers. Just download the data from Wineally. Wineally also provides reviews and rating by Vinous. More international wine critics will follow.

Find out if Wineally is for you by using the Wineally Return-on-investment calculation. Get access to the Excel-file here.