Wineally for Restaurants
Wineally for Restaurants
Wineally for Restaurants
When you have registered your wines you will have a lot of additional information in your wine cellar. For instance a daily updated market price. From the wine cellar you can easily buy wines from all your registered suppliers by clicking the Buy-button after each wine.
All orders will automatically be sorted by supplier under ”Orders”. Just add the number of bottles and click ”Send order” to each supplier.
Wineally for Restaurants
Wineally for Restaurants
Wineally for Restaurants

Wineally for Restaurants

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Coming soon! Increase wine revenues, improve business control/cash flow, and cut costs with a Wineally Restaurant subcription. 

  • Increase wine sales by making guests feel comfortable about choosing the best wine. Avoid wine waste and bad cash flow with digital control of sales and purchases. Get a daily update of the wine cellar market value.  
  • Save time and cut costs by giving restaurant guests and takeaway customers digital access to your menu and wine list via Wineally.
  • Make guests feel safe by using Wineally in their own device instead of a menu/wine list used by others. 


  • Improved guest experience is good for business.
  • Wineally Private will make it possible for your guests/takeaway customers to easily pair the restaurant dishes, and their personal wine preferences, with the wines in the restaurant wine list.
  • Guests comfortable about choosing the right wine naturally spend more than those who feel insecure.
  • Wineally Digital Sommelier make all waiters able to give wine recommendations to all customers and thereby give them a greater guest wine, dine & service experience. 
  • If you can sell wine out of the restaurant you can increase takeaway revenues and profitability by making it simple and comfortable to order wine to takeaway dishes. Simply recommend the Wineally Private app to restaurant guests, via your website, stickers, etc. in the restaurant, in e-mail marketing, adds or social media posts. 
  • Guests using the Wineally Private app makes it easy for restaurants with few offered wines to add more wines to the wine list, for in-dining or takeaway.
  • Commissions from wine suppliers for private customer sales coming from you might be possible.


  • Daily wine sales reports.
  • Digital wine cellar control with daily market valuation.
  • Order wine from the digital wine cellar is fast and simple. Wineally will send orders to your listed suppliers. You have full control of ongoing orders in Wineally Orders. Register purchased wines when delivered and add them to inventory in a few seconds.
  • Wines with zero bottles registered will be seen in the digital wine cellar but not in the wine list until purchased and added to inventory via Wineally.
  • Sales will be registered in Wineally Digital Sommelier and automatically update inventory.
  • Guests not using mobile phones can use Wineally in a tablet provided by the restaurant.
  • Physical inventory will be registered into Wineally Inventory.
  • Using Wineally as described above will reduce wine waste and increase profits.
  • Market reports about restaurant wine sales will support purchases of wines in demand.


  • Updating menus and wine lists in Wineally is not just a great customer service that will increase revenues, it also cut costs. New wine lists do not have to be frequently printed when Wineally is used, which saves time and money.
  • Digitizing administration will cut staff costs.
  • Quality-guaranteed digital wine & dine advise might reduce staff costs. 


  • The consumer app Wineally Private and the Wineally Digital Sommelier function for restaurants will always recommend the best wine for the customer, based on chosen dish and personal wine preferences on each occasion. If there are multiple wines with the same suitability, the best margin wine will always be recommended first.
  • All the above will lead to a financially sustainable restaurant business.

Find out if Wineally is for you by using the Wineally Return-on-investment calculation. Download Excel-file here.