Wineally AB has raised $1,000,000 to prepare for the launch of the Wineally Business System

Helsingborg, July 27th, 2021/Press Release 

Wineally AB have raised $1,000,000 via a group of well-merited tech investors. The investment will be used to strengthen the organisation as Wineally for Wine Merchants and Wineally for Restaurants will be launched in the end of August and the Wineally web-app for consumers early in September.  

With the funding Wineally AB is now in the process of recruiting 12 new members to our excellent team. 

Wineally AB is a SaaS company founded in 2017 and the product-owner of the Business System and app, Wineally.  

Wineally is a B2B business system that digitalises the information flow in the whole value chain from wine producers to wine distributors, restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets. The Wineally Business System includes digital features like the Wine Matcher, simplified control of purchases to wine cellar, automatically and manually updated inventory, wine lists, down/uploads for integration with POS-systems or accounting systems, and a dashboard for quick & simple overview of sales and the wine cellar.  

Using Wineally will increase revenues and reduce costs for all actors in the value chain. 

The unique Wineally algorithm connects wine-DNAs with dish-DNAs which makes it possible for wine retailers, hotels, and restaurants to offer the best matching wines to a chosen dish, based on the customer’s wine preferences. For wine producers this means their wines will now always be presented in the most favourable way, everywhere their wines are sold.  

  • We are especially happy about the great knowhow amongst the new shareholders, says Ole Nielsen, founder and CEO of Wineally.
  • Technically we were ready to launch the business system for wine merchants and restaurants in June, but we preferred to make a lot of extra testing and do some extra fine-tuning before the launch. 

 Wineally in short 

  • The Wineally Business System will digitize the global wine trade and help wine producers, wine merchants, hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets increase revenues and cut costs by digitized information and administration.  
  • The Wineally app simplifies purchase decisions for consumers who wants perfectly matched wines to their chosen dishes, in restaurants or at home. 

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