A brighter future for the wine trade with the Wineally Eco-system

Helsingborg, April 23rd, 2021/Press Release

Last week, Fine Wine Club International introduced Wineally to the world’s wine and tech press. We are pleased to report Wineally already has 5,000 wine producers registered on our platform. The early success of the initial phase of development of the Wineally eco-system, bodes well for subsequent phases designed to create a collaborative network of wine producers, restaurants, wine shops and supermarkets and the launch of a consumer app.

Fine Wine Club International, the product owner of Wineally has created a ground-breaking cloud-based business system, that brings together restaurants, wine merchants, supermarkets, and wine producers into what we term as an eco-system. The eco-system is designed to develop mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationships, that will increase revenue and decrease costs for our customers and promises a brighter and more economically stable future for the wine industry.

While Wineally is a business system, it is also a consumer web app that improves wine & dine experiences. The company has invested more than 23,000 man-hours in development to ensure that every wine recommendation is a personalized pairing based on the affinities of the wine to the dish and the customer’s wine preferences.

According to Ole Nielsen, founder and CEO of Fine Wine Club International, “digital solutions are necessary to build sustainable businesses. Wineally is built as a digital eco-system, offering benefits to all parties in the wine trade. The Wineally eco-system enables wine producers to help distributors, wine merchants to help on-trade, as well as retail customers, and for restaurants, hotels and supermarkets to offer better wine & dine experiences. Each member of the Wineally eco-system helps each other.”

Wineally’s modern approach to food & wine pairing, accessible for everyone within the Wineally web app, will create new possibilities for wine consumers to try different wine & food combinations. It also creates new marketing possibilities for wines and will increase sales for the whole industry. Another aspect is the time saved using Wineally. “It will be life-changing for many within the trade. That said, the ultimate mission is to give everyone the best wine and dining experience by using Wineally” says Nielsen.

Wineally uses producer-generated wine information to create a Wine-DNA that can be matched with a Dish-DNA on any dish registered by a restaurant, wine shop, or supermarket using Wineally. Wineally can then always present the wines in the most favourable way. Consumers choose the occasion, place, dish and by adding their personal wine preferences such as price or grape, for instance, they are provided with a wine recommendation and according to Nielsen it is “our promise that every pairing is always the perfect match”. 

Currently Fine Wine Club International is in the first phase of its launch, focusing on inviting producers to verify the wines listed by wine distributors in Wineally. Wine producers are invited to register and verify their wines so Wineally can present the wines in the most favourable way. Last week we had 1,350 producers registered, as of today we can report that the number is 5,000. In the second phase wine merchants, restaurants and supermarkets will be introduced to Wineally. In the third phase “when the circle is complete, and all participants in the eco-system are connected in Wineally, we can proudly present the world’s premier wine & dine app for consumers”, Ole Nielsen finishes. 

How Wineally benefits consumers:

  • Provides customers a web app with a menu and a wine list of all restaurants, wine shops and supermarkets using Wineally.
  • Simplifies and personalizes wine purchasing decision by recommending wines based on the Wine’s DNA, the DNA of the dish they plan to enjoy and their own personal preferences.
  • Presents inspirational dishes to customers while they are picking out a wine at the wine shop or supermarket along with wine recommendations to match.

How Wineally benefits the wine industry:

  • The Wineally business system allows for producers, wine merchants, supermarkets, and restaurants to create a virtual collaborative eco-system.
  • Wineally’s digital wine cellar provides restaurants, their suppliers and distributor partners real-time inventory allowing for instant updating of wine lists, inventory valuations, and the ability for restaurants, wine merchants, and their partners to work collaboratively based on quantifiable information to deliver solutions-based decisions.
  • Wineally’s promise to its customers is to reduce administration costs, increase customer satisfaction, thereby increasing revenues to create a profitable eco-system for the wine industry.

About Wineally:

Fine Wine Club International is a SaaS company that is based in Sweden and the product owner of the cloud-based business system Wineally. The Wineally Business System digitizes information processes in the whole wine trading value chain, from wine producers, wine merchants, supermarkets, restaurant to the wine consumer. Wineally increases effectiveness, reduces costs, and improves quality for all parties in the value chain. Wineally also simplifies purchase decisions for consumers by providing a web app that improves wine & dine experiences. The team behind Wineally have many years of international experience in all aspects of the wine trade. Wineally is a Gold Partner to the International Sommelier Association, ASI.

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