Wineally turns consumers into wine experts – Denmark is first out

Press release 2022-08-15 

Wineally launches wine-matching to dishes in restaurants, for takeaway or for home-cooking. Erik Sørensen Vin first out in Denmark. 
“Wineally makes consumers and inexperienced serving staff become wine experts in minutes which will change the global wine industry”   

The Wineally business system is launched in versions for wine merchants, restaurants, and wine producers as well as an app for consumers. The system enables all parts of the wine trade to increase their revenues and cut costs and for consumers to become wine & dine experts in minutes  

“After more than five years of development and tests, we are happy to offer solutions for restaurants, wine merchants, and wine producers that immediately will increase revenues and cut costs in a challenging time for the wine industry” says Ole Nielsen, Founder and CEO of Wineally. 

The core of Wineally is the “Wine Matcher”, the world’s first wine and food matching service that enables inexperienced wine consumers and restaurant serving staff to find the best matching wine, based on the chosen dish and the consumer wine preferences. The Wineally app can be used by wine consumers in restaurants, when ordering takeaway or in wine shops in all markets where it is legal. The result is great wine and dine experiences and increased wine revenues for wine merchants, restaurants, hotels, cafés and wine producers.   

“Since most wine consumers drink wine with food, we can now offer our retail customers a much better online shopping experience. Consumers visiting our online wine shop in the Wineally app finds inspirational dishes and can then find, and order, the best matching wines. Since all dishes have a recipe link, our customers can cook at home and enjoy with a wine that will be a great match to the dish”, says Troels Ambo, Managing Director Erik Sørensen Vin.  

For restaurants, a Wineally licence means that Wineally app-users, and inexperienced serving staff, comfortably can find the best matching wines. A 2021 market survey showed that 72% of consumers are likely to spend more on wine if they know it is a great match to their meal, which means increased revenues can be expected. Simple ways to offer a “bottle-to-go” and matching wines to takeaway orders will mean new revenue streams for restaurants.  

Wineally will also minimise administration and wine wastage for restaurants, hotels, and cafés.  

“For many of our on-trade customers, Wineally will offer game-changing ways to improve results and the wine producers I have spoken to are thrilled about having their wines presented in the most favourable way”, says Troels.  

“We are very happy to launch our business system Wineally for Wine Merchants in Denmark as our first market, and not the least, to have Erik Sørensen Vin onboard as our first customer. We will now start presenting Wineally for their HoReCa-customers”, says Ole. 

Wineally is released worldwide September 2022.  

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Ole Nielsen, founder, and CEO Wineally AB or +46 709433438

About Wineally: 
Wineally is a SaaS company founded in Sweden in 2017 and the product owner of the cloud based Wineally business systems for wine producers, wine merchants and restaurants and the Wineally app for consumers.                                

Wineally digitises information to minimise administration/cut costs for all parts of the wine trade, from wine producers, wine merchants, hotels, and restaurants, to cafés and the wine consumers.

By making it simple to find the best matching wines to dishes, in restaurants, or at home, Wineally increases revenues for restaurants and wine merchants.  
The Wineally wine-matching algorithm has been developed by the Wineally team and some of the world’s best sommeliers.  

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Established in 1956 – supplier of wine experiences to restaurants, companies, and private individuals. At Erik Sørensen Vin, we are passionate about the good wine experiences and meeting people who share our passion for wine. You can find our wines on the wine list at restaurants and wine bars throughout Denmark. 

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