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At Wineally we believe by planting the roots of a well-constructed digital platform we will create a cooperative Wine Economic-system supporting customers make informed decisions and increasing the profitability of our restaurant and retail subscribers. Now we invite you to join us. Wineally is also a web app that provides personalized wine & dine recommendations for consumers, regardless of their prior wine knowledge. 

A wine consumer market survey (July 2021) showed that: 
  • 74 % are likely to enjoy food with wine. 
  • 58 % are likely to use an app in a restaurant or a wine shop if it offers perfect wine & dine experiences based on personal wine preferences. 
  • 64 % are likely to order a dish in a restaurant or cook it at home if they know it will be a perfect match to a specific wine. 
  • 72 % are likely to spend a little more on a bottle of wine if they know it will be a perfect match to their meal.  

What Wineally can do for you

Sapphire Crystal
We make it easy for consumers to pick the right wine based on their personal preferences and choice of dish (in-person and online).
Swiss Ronda Movement
We support the responsible consumption of wine with food. We help restaurants, merchants and supermarkets match your wine to dishes ensuring wine lovers always have the best experience with your product.
316L Stainless Steel
We help restaurants and retailers keep track of inventory making cost controls and purchasing decisions easier.
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We can support distributors and agents to have easy access to your wine data, helping them sell your wines.


1. Sign up.
2. Register your wines.


1. Make your wine data digitally available to distributors, shops, and restaurants.
2. Present your wines to consumers everywhere in the Wineally universe, together with perfectly matched dishes.
3. Convert your wine information into convenient PDF fact sheets to support sommeliers, retailers, distributors, and agents.
4. Build consumer data to help the wine industry.

Some count that matters

Our achievement in the journey depicted in numbers
Wine Producers registered in Wineally

Our phases for 2021

Phase 1

In the first phase we focus on verifying the wines listed in Wineally by having producers registering themselves in the system. This is done to ensure that each wine have the correct information and thereby can be matched with the consumers chosen dish and personal wine preferences. The benefits for the producer is to save time/cut costs on administration, give distributors digital access to data and having their wines presented in the most favourable way to wine consumers.

Phase 2

In the second phase we will introduce wine merchants, restaurants and finally supermarkets to Wineally. 

Phase 3

When the circle is complete, and all participants in the Wine Eco-system* are joined in Wineally, we can proudly present the world’s premier wine & dine app for consumers.

*Eco as in Economical.

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