Wineally for Sommelier Ambassadors

Sommelier benefits

    Wineally Sommelier Ambassador Program

    New times, new business opportunities for sommeliers and wine consultants

    Wineally is an eco-system for restaurantswine merchantswine producers and supermarkets. It is also a web app for consumers.                        

    Wineally core values:                                                                                           

    1. We give consumers the best possible wine & dine experience, wherever and whenever, they want to purchase wine:                                                                                                                                                                                                            We simplify and personalize the wine purchasing decision based on their preferences and the selection of dishes:   
    • In a restaurant or for takeaway.
    • In wine shops and supermarkets or online.
    1. Always present every wine in the most favorable way
    • We have invested more than 23,000 hours of development to build our large and comprehensive database, business system and web app for consumers.
    • With the help of some of the world’s best sommeliers we have built an algorithm that always presents each wine with the best paired dish that is available where the customer is.
    • When it comes to the food & wine pairing, no algorithm or AI can replace the human taste and mind. We personalize recommendations based on the occasion, the dish, and the style of wine the customer feels like enjoying.

    Database + algorithm + personal preferences + available dishes + available wines = a perfectly presented wine. The smartest wine marketing ever. And forever.

    1. Increase revenues and cut costs by digitizing sales, purchases and administration for restaurants, wine merchants, supermarkets, and wine producers                                                                                                           
    • See how we improve financial sustainability for each Wineally customer category below:

    RestaurantsWine merchantsWine producers and Supermarkets.

    1. Expand the market for wine consultancy services
    • Restaurants subscribing to Wineally can also hire a “flying” sommelier/wine consultant, responsible for the restaurant’s wine/beverage business. Bring the art of sommellerie to restaurants that can’t afford to have a sommelier on staff.
    • With digital access to sales, menus, wine lists, wine cellar inventories, users, etc. you can extend your sommelier services up to 20 restaurants. Each paying for your various services. You can basically offer all the relevant services of a sommelier except serving at the tables. Become a virtual sommelier for restaurants that need your support!

    The Active Sommelier benefits:

    • If you work as an active sommelier today, you can help improve cash flow and bottom line results for the restaurant by using Wineally for Restaurants.
    • With Wineally you can use waiters as your “extended arm” to improve sales and customer satisfaction.
    • Your knowledge is always valuable. You can easily change “local wine data” (like drinking-window) or promote specific wines to specific dishes, shown to waiters/consumers as “Sommelier’s Choice” in Wineally.
    • You will always have full control of sales and wine cellar status since the Wineally Dashboard is updated in real-time.
    • You will save a lot of time on normally stressful administration. Time that can be invested in activities that add more value to the restaurant. And you.

    The Wine Consultant benefits:

    • Working as a Wine Consultant, you can get digital access to multiple restaurants being Wineally subscribers. This means you can offer your Wine Consultant services to as many restaurants as you can handle.
    • Restaurants that have not been able/willing to pay for a full-time sommelier can now afford to do so. And they are likely to do, since the combination of having a Wineally subscription and an experienced Wine Consultant taking care of purchases, the wine cellar management and helping waiters to use the Digital Sommelier, will improve the bottom line result of the restaurant.
    • Being a Wine Consultant for multiple restaurants will improve your purchasing power. Buying larger quantities from a supplier generally leads to lower purchase prices. This will benefit your restaurant customers as well as the wine merchants supplying the wine. Providing better conditions will strengthen your relationships and increase your “market value” as a Wine Consultant.
    • Every week there are multiple digital (Microsoft Teams) Wineally presentations that you are welcome to attend to. You can also invite friends/customers (restaurants, wine merchants, supermarkets, wine producers, and private individuals) that might be potential Wineally subscribers. The presentations are held in several languages. Register for a presentation.

    Wineally Ambassadorship – wine consultancy fees and commissions 

    The Wineally Ambassadorship is a way for sommeliers/wine consultants to offer wine consultancy services to Wineally subscribers. When helping restaurants improve their financial sustainability by signing up for a Wineally subscription, a sommelier/wine consultant receives a 25% commission on Wineally revenues.

    • In all countries with a local ASI chapter, ASI members initially have the first right of refusal to become Wineally Ambassadors.
    • A Wineally Ambassador application includes a simple business plan with the expected number of paying subscribers per category (Wine Merchant, Restaurant, Supermarket) for the first year and a personal reference vouching for the applicant.
    • We will source interested customers to Wineally Ambassadors offering consultancy services.
    • As a Wineally Ambassador you will earn commissions on all Wineally subscription revenues for all customers recruited by you.
    • Every week there are multiple digital (Microsoft Teams) Wineally presentations that you are welcome to attend. You can also invite friends/customers (restaurants, wine merchants, supermarkets, wine producers, and private individuals) that might be potential Wineally subscribers.
    • Presentations are held in several languages. Register for a presentation.
    • If you become a Wineally Ambassador you will be invited to digital meetings, where various ideas are discussed, market data is provided, and new business opportunities are presented.
    • As a Wineally Ambassador you can also offer consultancy services to wine merchants, supermarkets, wine producers, and sommelier schools. You can also manage wine cellars for individuals and companies.

    Wineally – Proud Gold Partner to the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI)

    • Fine Wine Club International AB, the product owner of Wineally, entered a 3-year agreement as Gold Partner to ASI in 2020.
    • As a partner, we will explore every possibility to add value to ASI, its sommelier members, and are already involved in different activities.
    • Using the experiences from Wineally Ambassadors will be of great benefit when discussing the roles of the “next generation sommelier”.

    Apply for Wineally Ambassadorship via the form below