ASI Ambassadors

What's in it for me?

Wineally, supported by the International Sommelier Association (ASI), wine producers, wine merchants, hotels and restaurants and wine consumers all over the world, will create market information that will help improve the wine trade sustainability globally.

The main Wineally benefits are the improved guest/takeaway customer experience which will increase sales/profits and the financial sustainability for the restaurant.

The sommelier benefits:
  • Better guest service = better tips.
  • Increased, measurable wine sales/profitability show the sommelier value for employers.
  • Instant overview of wine cellar and wine sales in the Dashboard = business control = less stress.
  • Digitized administration save time = more time for other tasks.
  • Digital purchases and sales with automatic update of wine cellar inventory = better business control.
  • Physical inventory directly in app will cut down the inventory process to a minimum and increase the inventory quality.  
  • Market demand reports will be available as more restaurants and merchants become Wineally subscribers.
If you (also) work as a wine consultant you can increase your income by:  
  • Show wine merchants how Wineally increases sales, Horeca as well as retail. 
  • Show restaurants how Wineally increase the financial and social sustainability.
  • Manage private customers wine cellars as a Wineally account Administrator.
  • Teaching students at sommelier schools the benefits of Wineally.

If you have the required qualifications you have the chance to become a Wineally ambassador. More information will come.