Wineally for Wine Merchants

Increase off-trade sales by improved customer experience.
Maximise on-trade revenues with reduced costs.

Increase your off-trade revenues

In the Wineally app consumers will find dishes and recipes with the best matching wines offered by you. 

All purchases will be made directly in your online wine shop.


Increase your on-trade revenues

Consumers using the Wineally app when visiting, or buying takeaway from, your on-trade customers will spend more on wine since they will know the wine is a great match to their dishes.



Improve business control

With digital access to inventory of your wines in your on-trade customers wine cellarsyou can contact customers most likely to buy and make them aware of wines that are low in stock.



Cut wine data costs

Handling of wine data can be decreased to a minimum and the saved time on administration can be used to strengthen relations.

With Wineally you can have one standard format for your wine data and receive it “ready to use” from your producers if they sign up for a free “Wine Producer” account.

Better tasting wines sell more

With Wineally your wines can be enjoyed with a matching dish, at home or in restaurants. 

In short, they will taste better. Which most likely is the best way to market your wines. 

A new way to reach millenials

Wineally is all about enjoying wine with food. Which is exactly what 2,5 billion millennials are interested in. According to a market survey in July 2021, 74 % enjoy food with their wine. 

The main reason for developing Wineally was to offer great wine & dine experiences for the 99 % without deep wine knowledge, at home or in/out of the 99 % of restaurants that do not have a sommelier. 

It is our belief that Wineally will improve wine culture and increase sustainable wine revenues for wine producers, wine merchants, hotels, restaurants, and cafés.

Licence features

Customer dashboards
Access to restaurant sales of your wines
Wine Matcher
Access to the most advanced wine & food matcher on the market
Online Wine Shops
A revolutionary way for your retail customers to buy wine
My wine cellar
Your digital wine cellar with great overview and functionality
Find your best matching wines to restaurant dishes and simplify sales
Wine inventory status
Simple inventory features
Customer wine cellars
Access to your wines at restaurant wine cellars. Find customers most likely to buy and avoid customers unlikely to buy.
Wine information
Regardless of wine producer/wine, you have all wine data in one format
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Visibility and availability in the Wineally app

  • We will present your wines in the most favourable way to the most relevant consumers in all your hotels, restaurants, and cafés with a Wineally licence.
  • The Wineally app matches wine with food, wine orders are always placed directly in restaurants, takeaway platforms*, hotels, or cafés.
  • Wineally app-users interested in buying the wine they just enjoyed can click on the wine and are directed directly to the wine in your web store where they can place the order.
  • The Wineally app will be marketed by Wineally, takeaway platforms, hotels, restaurants, cafés, wine merchants, affiliates and other Wineally partners.
* If it’s legal to order wine for takeaway in that country/state

Business support

  • A dedicated Key Account Manager will onboard and train your team in how to increase On- & Off-trade revenues.
  • Your Key Account Manager will monitor the business process and support your team as long as you have a Wineally Wine Merchant license.
  • 30+ Wineally webinars weekly where members of your team can attend.
  • If required, the Wineally Business Development Team can help onboard new employees/users.

We promise to

  • Do everything we can to increase your wine revenues and to cut your costs.
  • Never ask for sales commissions – your licence fee is your only cost.
  • Store your data with the top cloud providers and our team works diligently to keep personal data, stock levels, purchase prices and other business critical information secure.
  • Protect both your data and your rights when you share your personal data with us, all in compliance with privacy legislation. We will never sell your information.
  • Keep our ethical standards above legislation.

Benefits for your on-trade customers

Benefits for your off-trade customers

Make your own business calculation to see how Wineally can help increase your revenues and decrease your costs​

The value of a Wineally licence can be measured in many ways. Some positive effects of a Wineally licence, like recurring customers/restaurant guests, increased customer satisfaction, more and more positive social media posts, recommending friends, family and colleagues, are not as easy to measure. Just pure common sense. ​ 

A return-on-investment calculation can however be made in a few minutes. ​​ 

Make your own calculation below to see if a Wineally Wine Merchant licence is a good idea for you and your business. 

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