Wineally for Restaurants

Improve guest experiences. Increase revenues. Decrease wine waste. Cut costs.

My Wine Cellar - Create wine purchase orders to your suppliers

From 75€/month includes

  • Wineally Wine Matcher – world class wine & food matching
  • Digital wine cellar – complete control of sales & waste
  • Simplified purchases – supplier independent purchases directly in the system
  • Improved inventory control – makes physical inventory fast and easy
  • Unlimited number of users

How Wineally creates great wine & dine experiences


Restaurant registers information for Dishes & Wines

Wine Matcher Open Wine Card


Waiters ask guests what they want to eat and what wine preferences they have

The Wine Matcher


The Wineally Wine Matcher presents the best matching wines within seconds

Wine Matcher Wine Cards

You get Happy & confident staff - Satisfied guests - Increased revenues

Wineally Restaurants short introduction

Get going with Wineally in no time

Restaurant Management

Wineally Business Development team will guide you through a 30 minutes webinar covering:

Registering users, wines & dishes

Monitor wine service

Monitor sales

Wine cellar & Inventory

Service staff – Waiters – Chefs

Watch our short tutorials to get going with Wineally in minutes

The most complex wine algorithm ever built

The algorithm built by the Wineally team, including some of the leading sommeliers in the world has taken years to build. In a restaurant with a big wine list the algorithm handles more than 54 billion possible wine & dish combinations.

Improve guest wine & dine experiences.

Increase wine revenues.

  • Inexperienced waiters, or guests using the Wineally app, can comfortably pick the best matching wine based on the chosen dishes and wine preferences.  
  • Restaurant guests, knowing the wine is a great match to their food will spend more* on wine.
  • Satisfied guests are more likely to come back to your restaurant and recommend friends.    

* According to a market survey in July 2021 72%* of consumers are willing to spend more on a bottle of wine if they know that the wine is a great match to their dish. 

Improved Guest Experience
Offer "A-bottle-to-go"

Offer matching wines for takeaway*

Increase revenues via new revenue streams

Wineally makes it easy to offer wine for takeaway* 

Increase revenues by: 

  1. Asking guests if they want a bottle (or two) to go, “at takeaway price of course”.
  2. Recommend the Wineally app so guests comfortably can buy match wines their takeaway food. Or in your restaurant next time they come.
*If it’s legal to order wine for takeaway in your country/state

Get your guests activated with Wineally

Download free Wineally templates and get a QR-code that your guests can use to download the Wineally app!

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