E-mail template

We have put together this e-mail as an example of how you can get your Wine Producers to join Wineally.
Make sure to cc 
winedata@wineally.com when sending this template

Dear XX,

We are thrilled to inform you that we have now joined the Wineally Family by purchasing a Wineally licence! To make your wines shine in our market and to cut administration, we kindly ask you to register for a free Wineally Wine Producer’s licence and register your wines/verify the data in the system.

Since Wineally will use the wine data to create a unique Wine-DNA, each wine can be matched with the dishes on the menu of any restaurant, hotel, or café with a Wineally Restaurant licence.

Having your wines presented in the most favourable way, and thereby increase on-trade sales, is not only in our and the restaurant’s interest. Restaurant and takeaway customers having an excellent wine & dine experience will also be directed via the Wineally app straight to our online web store.

By registering your wine data in your Wineally account you will also help us, and all your other distributors with a Wineally Wine Merchant licence, having the correct wine information in one place and format. The effort to register/verify wine data in Wineally is low and should not take you very long. Please check out the many other benefits for you and get a free licence at wineally.com/wine-producers.

Some members of the Wineally Wine Data Team are cc to this e-mail. They will contact you to guide and support you in the process.

Thanks in advance