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If you want to experience more wine & food joy, Wineally will make it happen. Whether you are at a restaurant, ordering take-away or just planning your dinner in the wine shop Wineally can help you find the best matching wine available at your location, based on your personal preferences at any given moment. 

Based on a shared vision with sommeliers, wine merchants and wine producers that everyone deserves to have great wine & dine moments and no one had made that possible in an easy way we have developed Wineally. It is a tool that makes the normally tough decision of selecting a top matching wine to your dish super easy. 

Since we just released it our app is rather empty right now…

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you think should join the Wineally family? Ask them to sign up or read more at

In return we promise to improve the business of the restaurant and give you the opportunity to experience great wine & dine moments in many more places.

And by the way, if the restaurant refers to you when signing up we will give the restaurant the option to give you a voucher of 1.000 SEK / 750 DKK to enjoy at the restaurant!  

The restaurant simply sends an invoice for a gift card to and we reimburse them.

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