The world’s first wine & food matching app

The Wineally app is the world’s first app recommending the best matching wines based on your chosen dish and wine preferences.
Wineally can be used when visiting, or ordering takeaway from, Restaurants, or when you are purchasing wine from an online wine shop.

Our mission

The Wineally mission is to help wine lovers comfortably getting the great wine & dine experiences they deserve. The Wineally app can be used in any restaurant, hotel, café, or online wine shop that share the Wineally mission to improve guest/customer experiences.

Wine-loving friends?

Please share this page with friends, family & contacts that might appreciate the Wineally app. Or just ask them to download the app in App Store or Google Play (links below).

Favourite Restaurants, Hotels, or Online Wine Shops?

Do you want to use Wineally in more restaurants and online wine shops around the world? Then recommend Wineally and get a €100 gift card.

  1. Recommend restaurants and online wine shops to sign up for a Wineally license and ask them to send a €100 gift card invoice with your name on it to
  1. Then ask the restaurant/online wine shop for a €100 gift card that can be used in their restaurant/online wine shop. Enjoy!

How to get great wine & dine experiences with Wineally


Start with Restaurants
Choose a restaurant​
Pick your dishes
Add your wine preferences
Find best matching wines
Place the wine & food order in the restaurant
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Start with Takeaway
Choose a restaurant
Pick your dishes
Add your wine preferences
Choose pickup or home-delivery platform
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Online Wine Shops

Start with Online Wine Shops
Choose your wine shop
Starting with food. Choose a dish you want to cook at home
Check the "Match" box and click "Show matching wines" to see the best matching wines
Choose the wine you prefer (expand for wine information)
Click the buy button to order the wine from the chosen wine shop
Starting with wine. Use the wine preferences to find a wine you like.
Click on "Show all wines" to find the best matching wines.
Click on "Dishes" on a wine card to find best matching dishes.
Add the chosen dish/es + the wine and go back up to the Wine Matcher
Click on the shopping bag icon to order the wine and click on the recipe link after the dish to find out where you can buy the ingredients!
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