The Wineally App

We personalize and simplify wine purchase decisions for consumers, whenever & wherever you are

What the app will offer

Give you a web app with a menu and a wine list of all restaurants, wine shops and supermarkets using Wineally

Based on your personal preferences and the dish you plan to enjoy; we recommend the best available wine

Present inspirational dishes while you're picking out a wine at the wine shop or supermarket along with wine recommendations to match

You want perfect wine & dine experiences.

We offer the solutions.

Do you want great wine & dine experiences? Of course, you do. We are here to personalize and simplify your wine purchasing decisions. 

Let us tell you a little more about Wineally. We have created a cooperative Wine Eco-system amongst sommeliers, wine merchants and wineries with the end vision of providing you, the wine lovers of the world, an easy-to-use app, to make the normally tough decisions of selecting a wine easy. 

We have worked with some of the finest wine experts in the world to develop a system that simplifies and personalizes the wine & dine experience. It’s as easy as entering your personal wine preferences, choose a wine and the dish you wish to enjoy it with. Wineally does the rest. Whether you are at a restaurant, in a wine shop or in a supermarket, Wineally will help you create the perfect match.

We simplify & personalize wine purchasing decisions.   

Recommended browsers

Google Chrome

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Microsoft Edge


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