About us

Improved Guest Experience

Why we do what we do

Our main driver is that we know we can make a difference for Restaurants, Hotels, Wine Merchants, Wine Producers, and wine consumers globally.  

Our passion is to offer consumers better wine experiences that create added value for our business customers. We do this by being attentive, open-minded, courageous, creative, and solution oriented. 

It can be a daunting task to choose wine in a restaurant or wine shop to match the dish you are having. We have taken the experience of winemakers & sommeliers and boiled it down through some complex algorithms to make it super simple and easy to create perfect matches between food and wine in our Wine & Food Matcher. It can be found in Wineally-licensed restaurants and online wine shops. 

Along the way we have also created unparalleled business systems for Wine Producers, Wine Merchants and Restaurants that help them increase revenues, data availability and profits. 

We have made a commitment to offer services and products that will improve quality of life, create memorable wine & dine moments for wine consumers and improved social and financial sustainability for all parts of the wine trade.  

We will become leaders in our industry because we all believe in the WHY, what we do and the products and services we offer.  

What sets us apart from others

We don’t sell wine – we do everything we can to help our customers increase wine revenues.  

We don’t market wine – we present wine in the most favourable way to the most relevant consumer. To everyone, everywhere, any time. 

Our promises

We promise that users of the Wineally Wine & Food Matcher will get better wine & dine experiences.

We promise to loyally support our business customers and never sell wine or demand commissions.

We promise to continuously develop new products and services for our customers and to contribute to the wine trade in every way we can.

Wineally AB 
Redaregatan 48, 252 36 Helsingborg, Sweden