Digital solutions for perfect wine & dine experiences

What's in it for the consumers

The perfect wine & dine experiences in restaurants or at home. We make the complex world of wine accessible for all wine consumers. 

What's in it for the industry

Sustainable digital solutions for the wine industry. We help wine producers, wine merchants, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets increase revenues and bottom-line results in a sustainable way.

Our Vision

To be the global market leader for digital wine solutions by 2025.​

Wineally for Restaurants

A game-changing Business System for the Food & Wine industry

Wineally is a unique business system that benefits all parts of the wine trade, from wine producer to consumer

The most complex wine algorithm ever built

The algorithm built by the Wineally team, including some of the leading sommeliers in the world has taken years to build. In a restaurant with a big wine list the algorithm handles more than 54 billion possible wine & dish combinations.

The world’s most trustworthy wine app

Whether you are in a restaurant or in a wine shop the app recommends the best wine and dish combination for every occasion.

Wineally AB 
Redaregatan 48, 25 236 Helsingborg, Sweden