The Wine & Food Matcher

A new way for wine consumers to find the best matching wines to dishes in restaurants or online wine shops.
Increased wine revenues and cost-cuts for restaurants and online wine shops. Easy implementation and maintenance.

Everyone, everywhere deserves great wine and dine experiences 

Wineally for Restaurants

Guests spending more
– Inexperienced waiters, or guests using the Wineally Wine & Food Matcher, can comfortably pick the best matching wine based on their chosen food and wine preferences.

Offer a “bottle-to-go”
– Asking guests who have just had a great wine experience at your restaurant, if they want a “bottle-to-go” at takeaway price is a great customer service that will increase revenues in a new way.

Wineally for Wine Merchants

Increase your off-trade revenues

With the Wine & Food Matcher, wine consumers will find dishes and recipes with the best matching wines offered by you. All purchases will be made directly in your online wine shop.

Increase your on-trade revenues

Consumers using the Wineally Wine & Food Matcher when visiting, or buying takeaway from, your on-trade customers will spend more on wine since they will know the wine is a great match to their dishes.

Wineally for Wine Producers

  • We make your wines shine by having them served with matching dishes in restaurants or at home. 
  • We protect your brands globally and help consumers find your wines.
  • We offer great benefits for wine merchants, hotels and restaurants offering your wines. And increase their/your revenues. 
  • We inform the market about your wines. And you about the market. 
  • Wineally for Wine Producers is for free.

The most complex wine algorithm ever built

The algorithm built by the Wineally team, including some of the leading sommeliers in the world, has taken years to build. In a restaurant with an extensive wine list, the algorithm can handle more than 54 billion possible wine & dish combinations.

Why we do what we do

Our main driver is that we know we can make a difference for Restaurants, Hotels, Wine Merchants, Wine Producers, and wine consumers globally.   

Our passion is to offer consumers better wine experiences that create added value for our business customers. We do this by being attentive, open-minded, courageous, creative, and solution oriented. 

It can be a daunting task to choose wine in a restaurant or wine shop to match the dish you are having. We have taken the experience of winemakers & sommeliers and boiled it down through some complex algorithms to make it super simple and easy to create perfect matches between food and wine in our Wine & Food Matcher. It can be found in Wineally licensed restaurants and online wine shops. 

Wineally has been developed with the help of some of the world’s best sommeliers

The complex algorithm behind the Wineally Wine Matcher is based on the world’s most extensive wine database. Where all wines have correct Wine-DNA, the Dish-DNA created by chefs in restaurants offers great wine & dine experiences suited to the guest’s preferences at the occasion.  

“Using my wine knowledge and passion to help developing the Wineally Wine & Food Matcher has been a way to offer great wine & dine experiences to the 99 % of consumers not usually visiting restaurants with a sommelier."

- Arvid Rosengren, Wine Consultant, Best Sommelier in the World in 2016

“Seeing the result from our long, hard work, especially how easy Wineally is to use fills me with pride. The Wineally Wine & Food Matcher for consumers and the Business Systems for Wine Producers, Wine Merchants and Restaurants are truly a labour of love. As the Wine & Food Matcher reach more markets and wine consumers, all parts of the wine trade will benefit .”

- Sören Polonius, Wine director at the Adam & Albin Group, and Head coach/Founder of the Swedish National Sommelier Team

Wineally AB 
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